• Securing the boats to the Trailer

    Our fragile boats are being blown off the trailer. To secure them properly to handle the wind, you should: use 2 straps, 12 feet long secure the hull to 2 supports, pad the bow end to prevent deformation tie the strap back to a center post with no slack in the strap. If the wind […] ..Read More

  • It’s a cray cray holiday!

    Good evening sports fans and obsessives, Have you been looking for an excuse to spend long, quality hours on your ass? Why, YES, you say? Well, my friends, you are so in luck, because we are on the cusp of launching the 2014 Concept2 Holiday Challenge!! As you undoubtedly remember, this is the joyous, annual […] ..Read More


The Ashland Rowing Club is a non-profit organization, open to anyone 12 and older, offering recreational and competitive outdoor and indoor rowing to the broader Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon.

ARC offers summer camps, rowing clinics, coaching and private and group lessons as well as regularly scheduled coached and uncoached competitive and recreational rowing turnouts. We welcome Masters, Juniors and visitors.

We row year-round on Emigrant Lake, where we provided 40-foot-long public use dock & boat racks.  Just off the lake, we own a 3000-square-foot boathouse with dozens of ergometers, weight machines and substantial sheltered boat storage.  Parking for up to 36 vehicles is across the street.

Both masters and juniors racers have excelled regionally and nationally during their time with ARC and after.


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